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Product / Company Performance

RepliCel Secures New Patents for Tendon Repair Technology -

Replicel was granted patents in China (Patent No. ZL201480011232.2), Europe (Patent No. 2956543) and Russia (Patent No. 2678878) addressing the use of RCT-01 fibroblast cell technology to treat chronically damaged tendons. Additionally, U.S. Patent No. 10272118 will be granted by the end of April 2019. These patents pertain to Replicel's non-bulbar dermal sheath cup cell technology and methods for the treatment of chronically damaged tendons. Replicel is pursuing next-phase clinical testing and commercial launch in Japan while concurrently co-developing it in China with its partner, YOFOTO Health Co. (RepliCel Life Sciences, Inc., 4/16/19)