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Product / Company Performance

Randomized Study Results: Safe Orthopaedics -

Randomized study results indicate that Safe Orthopaedics' single-use spine surgical instruments yielded an 80% decrease in pre- and post-operative times.

The study assessed 40 surgeries comparing traditional renewable instruments to Safe Orthopaedics’ single-use instruments (1:1) in lumbar fusion.

The study showed a reduction of 81% in average logistics times, from 176 to 33 minutes on average, by switching to single-use instruments and eliminating transport, labor and sterilization. No logistical incidents were observed with Safe Orthopaedics’ instruments, vs.15% with the comparison group (e.g., unavailability of instrument set, lack of screws and sterilization problems).

The company is slated to launch SteriSpine™CC devices for use in the cervical spine within this quarter.

Sources: Safe Orthopaedics; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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