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PONTiS Orthopaedics Launches the PONTiS Achilles System -

PONTiS Orthopaedics entered the foot/ankle surgery space with launch of the PONTiS Achilles System for tendon repair.

Proprietary multifilament stainless steel implant technology is the basis of the PONTiS™ Surgical Instrument and Implant System for tendon repair and re-connection of tendon to bone in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle. In 2015, the company closed a $2MM Series A private fundraising to support sales and marketing of the devices.

Systems for elbow, shoulder and knee are in development; the company has obtained FDA clearance for Biceps tendon re-attachment at the elbow and shoulder, Patella tendon repair at the knee and ligament repair in the wrist.

Sources: PONTiS Orthopaedics LLC, ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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