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OsteoRemedies Launches REMEDY Stemmed Knee Spacer -

OsteoRemedies launched the REMEDY® Stemmed Knee Spacer. The device represents the first preformed knee spacer with attachable modular stems that can connect to the femoral and tibial component, and is an extension of the company's portfolio of preformed modular spacers with Gentamicin for the hip, knee and shoulder, as well the Gentamicin + Vancomycin (GV)  preformed modular spacer and bone cement for the hip. The company's REMEDY Spacer was the first available modular system for hip, knee and shoulder two-stage infection revision arthroplasty. SPECTRUM® GV Bone Cement is indicated for use with the REMEDY SPECTRUM GV Hip Spacer.  Other products marketed by OsteoRemedies® include the OSTEOBOOST® Resorbable Bead Kit, FLORASEAL® Microbial Sealant and UNITE® AB Bone Cement