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Ortho RTI Partners to Study Ortho-R Biopolymer Matrix -

Ortho Regenerative Technologies entered into a collaborative Material Transfer Agreement to evaluate a commercial product from an unnamed orthopaedic company partner for use in conjunction with Ortho's Ortho-R biopolymer matrix. The study is slated to complete within 2019. Ortho RTi's RESTORE technology is a chitosan-based muco-adhesive that acts as a biodegradable scaffold that can retain any type of bioactive material, prolonging its therapeutic effect. Ortho-R can be mixed with platelet-rich plasma to deliver biologics to increase the healing in injured tendons, meniscus, ligaments and cartilage. The polymer/biologic hybrid combination can be directly applied into the site of injury without significantly extending O.R. time. The agreement provides a third-party validation of the platform, and will lead to further studies to determine what adjustments may be necessary to move forward with an optimum product combination. (Ortho Regenerative Technologies, Inc., 8/28/19)