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Medtronic Introduces Mazor X Stealth Edition in India -

Medtronic launched the Mazor X Stealth Edition™ Robotic-Assisted Spine Surgery System in India through India Medtronic Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary. The system is designed to be a fully-integrated procedural solution for surgical planning, workflow, execution and confirmation of spine surgeries. Co-developed by Medtronic and Mazor Robotics, Mazor X Stealth incorporates Stealth™ software technology into the Mazor X robotic-assisted surgery platform. Software is used to plan the procedure, then uses a robotic arm to guide implants and instruments through the process while simultaneously using real-time imaging feedback to ensure that the plan is being carried out as indicated. The surgeon can plan and visualize the surgery beforehand to study multiple levels and the entire process. Robotic guidance is an extension of the doctor during the process, to enable execution with precision; the surgeon can visualize progress in real-time.