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MedShape Launches DynaClip Bone Staple -

MedShape commenced full commercial launch of its NiTiNOL-based DynaClip™ bone fixation system for use in the foot and ankle. The DynaClip design addresses limitations of current devices that create stress concentrations at the weakest points in the staple. DynaClip features a broad bridge with a continuous low-profile and thickened legs to evenly distribute stresses across the bridge and away from the implant corners. DynaClip is provided sterile with all-disposable instrumentation, and comes loaded on a disposable inserter. Its Universal Drill Guide is compatible with all size staples and can itself serve as a sizer. Finally, if the surgeon is not satisfied with the position of the staple in the bone, it can be removed and repositioned with the Re-load Tool. (MedShape Solutions, Inc., 3/5/19)