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Strategic Initiatives

Medacta, Geisinger Extend Knee Replacement Guarantee to Revisions -

Medacta and the Geisinger health system extended their lifetime guarantee for total hip and knee replacement surgeries to include revision knees. This arrangement covers revision surgeries performed for patients with previous knee replacements that have failed, even if the original surgeries were performed outside of the Geisinger health system or with joints from other manufacturers. Geisinger and Medacta will cover the full cost of care associated with eligible revision surgeries over a patient’s lifetime, as long as they remain in the care of a Geisinger provider and are a Geisinger Health Plan member. Implants used in this pilot program include Medacta's GMK® Revision Knee, part of the company's Mpower Sustainability Solutions initiative focused on delivering products and programs to provide quality care at a reduced cost via value-based healthcare models.