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Strategic Initiatives

Mathys and PETER BREHM Enter Sales Collaboration -

Mathys and PETER BREHM, based in Switzerland and Germany, respectively, entered into an agreement to co-market each other's products for global sale, beginning with devices for hip replacement. Mathys specializes in primary hip, knee and shoulder implants and ceramic components (as well as sports medicine products), while PETER BREHM’s core competence lies in revision devices. Initially, PETER BREHM will incorporate Mathys' ceramic heads for use with BREHM hip stems and cups. Mathys will replace its legacy revision stem with BREHM's modular revision MRP-TITAN device, which has been marketed since 1993. MRP-TITAN can cover a wider range of indications and offer more intraoperative solution approaches than Mathys' previous option. The collaborative distribution is expected to commence at the end of 1Q20.