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Konica Minolta Healthcare Gains FDA Clearance for Dynamic Digital Radiography -

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas received FDA 510(k) clearance to market Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR), enhanced x-ray imaging that allows clinicians to observe the dynamic interaction of anatomical structures, such as tissue and bone, with physiological changes over time. DDR produces images that depict movement and can be fully annotated to provide a more detailed clinical finding. As x-ray is a primary diagnostic tool that is widely available, the addition of advanced cineradiography capabilities can help address issues of access, cost and quality of care. With the ability to gather quantifiable clinical information, DDR may increase the quality and specificity of diagnosis, resulting in optimized individualized care and a reduced need for additional tests. In musculoskeletal imaging, DDR supports diagnosis of conditions by providing views of full patterns of articulatory mobility, an alternative to use of external motion and static x-ray to assess joint stability and spinal movement. Images are captured in supine and prone positions to view changes in the bone and articulations throughout the full range of motion. This information can be used to assess and monitor the spine, shoulder, knees, wrists and ankles. Konica Minolta is completing studies with clinical partners and will commercially release the technology within 2019. (Source: Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, 4/24/19)