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Integra LifeSciences Sees Modest Orthopedic Growth from Dedicated Sales Channel -

Integra LifeSciences reports 3Q19 orthopedic revenue of USD $20.9MM, +1.6% vs. 3Q18.


  • In 3Q19, the company’s orthopedic business grew in the low single digits globally, with U.S.  growth of nearly 7%
  • Combined sales of ankle and shoulder products grew nearly 20% for the quarter, driven by the Titan Reverse Shoulder, improved salesforce efficiency and more surgeons getting trained on the company’s ankle products
  • Leadership continues to expect orthopedic sales growth to accelerate sequentially due a dedicated sales channel and new products
  • Will launch a short stem shoulder in the next 18 months, potentially opening a $600MM market opportunity
  • ORTHOWORLD projects Integra LifeSciences full year 2019 orthopedic revenue of $90MM, -0.9% vs. 2018


“Our strategy is to get down to basics. The arthroplasty type plays, whether ankle, wrist, shoulder, are the bigger opportunities for us. Ankle fixation as well, with the Panta Nail. We haven't been trying to chase every screw and plate that plays, even into the forefoot; there are a lot of players out there. We've been focusing on some bigger items that we can add differentiation with.” – Integra LifeSciences CEO Peter Arduini, on the company’s strategy to grow its orthopedics business

ORTHOWORLD estimates segment sales and growth on an as-reported basis, as follows ($MM).

  3Q19 3Q18 $ Chg % Chg
Joint Replacement Extremities $8.8 $8.6 $0.1 1.6%
Trauma $12.1 $11.9 $0.2 1.6%
Total $20.9 $20.5 $0.3 1.6%
  9mo 19 9mo 18 $ Chg % Chg
Joint Replacement Extremities $27.0 $26.9 $0.1 0.3%
Trauma $38.3 $38.5 -$0.1 -0.4%
Total $65.3 $65.4 -$0.1 -0.1%


ORTHOWORLD estimates orthopaedic sales by geographic region as follows ($MM).

Geographic Region 3Q19 3Q18 $ Chg % Chg
US $15.6 $14.4 $1.3 8.9%
Ex-US $5.2 $6.2 -$0.9 -15.3%
   EMEA $2.6 $3.0 -$0.4 -12.4%
   Asia Pacific $1.6 $1.8 -$0.3 -15.3%
   Rest of World $1.0 $1.3 -$0.3 -21.8%
Total $20.9 $20.5 $0.3 1.6%


Net earnings for all Integra LifeSciences revenue are as follows.

3Q19 Amt % of Sales
Sales $379.1  
   Cost of Sales -$142.6 37.6%
   Selling and Admin -$173.1 45.7%
   R & D -$19.0 5.0%
   Other -$72.0 19.0%
Net Earnings -$27.6 7.3%


Sources: Integra LifeSciences; ORTHOWORLD estimates.

Mike Evers is ORTHOWORLD’s Market Analyst. He can be reached by email.

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