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Product / Company Performance

Integra LifeSciences Reports 2Q18 Revenue -

ORTHOWORLD estimates Integra LifeSciences’ (IART) 2Q18 orthopaedic revenue at US $30.4M, -0.6% vs. 2Q17, and 1H18 revenue of $55.2MM, -2.5% vs. 1H17.

Estimated segment sales and growth follow.

  2Q18  2Q17  $ Change  % Change 
Joint Recon Extremities $11.9  $11.3  $0.5  4.5% 
Trauma $18.5  $19.2  -$0.7  -3.5% 
Total  $30.4  $30.6  -$0.2  -0.6% 


  1H18  1H17  $ Change  % Change 
Joint Recon Extremities $21.5  $20.7  $0.8  3.9% 
Trauma $33.7  $35.9  -$2.2  -6.2% 
Total  $55.2  $56.6  -$1.4  -2.5% 

ORTHOWORLD’s estimated revenue by geographic region:


2Q18  1H18 
 U.S. $26.2  $47.5 
 Ex-U.S. $4.3  $7.7 

IART has completed the expansion of its Orthopaedics and Tissue Technologies segment (which includes non-ortho product sales) and now, extremities orthopaedics is among four channels with fully-dedicated sales staff. Leadership indicated that, of ~30 reps added in the quarter, the majority were added for orthopaedics with the remainder added to outpatient wound, inpatient advanced wound care and surgical reconstruction.

The Integra XT Ankle Revision System launched after the quarter’s close, complementing the company’s total ankle range. It features bone sparing characteristics and streamlined instrumentation. The later-2018 launch of the Panta II ankle nail remains on track.

Ankle sales overall grew in mid-single-digits, with good performance called out for the Cadence device. Shoulders grew in double digits. Extremities Ortho growth is expected to begin seeing more meaningful increases in 2H18.

Sources: Integra LifeSciences; ORTHOWORLD Inc. estimates

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