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Integra LifeSciences Posts 3Q17 Revenue -

ORTHOWORLD estimates Integra LifeSciences’ (IART) 3Q17 orthopaedic revenue at US $26.2MM, +4.8% from 3Q16, and year-to-date revenue of $80.3MM, +9.1% vs. the prior year.

Estimated segment sales and growth follow.

  3Q17  3Q16  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Recon Extremities $5.5  $4.9  $0.6  11.7% 
 Trauma $20.7  $20.1  $0.6  3.1% 
Total  $26.2  $25.0  $1.2  4.8% 


  9Mo17  9Mo16  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Recon Extremities $16.9  $14.5  $2.4  16.3% 
 Trauma $63.4  $59.1  $4.3  7.3% 
Total  $80.3  $73.6  $6.7  9.1% 

Please note, we have revised all previous 2016 and 2017 YTD IART estimates downward, based on new information. We constantly seek to refine all revenue estimates and most definitely welcome ORTHOWORLD Members’ input.

Total ankle and shoulder arthroplasty portfolios were cited again as a growth driver for IART’s orthopaedic segment, both reportedly increasing by double digits, though from small bases. The company is investing in its Orthopedics and Tissue Technologies segment (OTT), which contains joint reconstruction and trauma device sales but also non-ortho skin repair, advanced wound care, amniotic tissue, etc. The investment addresses what leadership called “channel constraints that we have experienced in orthopaedic extremities.” It’s an opportunity to fund orthopaedics based on positive experiences in piloting the Cadence ankle and Titan shoulder.

The impact of weather in 3Q was about $7.0MM for OTT, but not all of that pertains to joint recon and trauma: $2MM was associated with private label sales, while the other $5MM related to Florida and lost procedures in both orthopaedics and wound care.

At the end of the quarter, IART implanted the first Cadence Total Ankle as part of a non-randomized, prospective, multi-center postmarket study. The trial will evaluate 2-year implant survivorship, which will be further evaluated at 5 and 10 years post-op. All patients will receive the Cadence device.

Since initial clinical use in 2Q16, >350 Cadence procedures have been performed in seven countries, including Europe and the U.S.; this is an increase from 200 performed by the end of 1Q17.

Source: Integra LifeSciences; ORTHOWORLD estimates

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