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Product / Company Performance

Implanet reports 2Q19 revenue of €1.9MM (USD $2.2MM), +8.4% vs. 2Q18 -


Implanet, a French spine and knee implant company, posted 2Q19 revenue of €1.9MM (USD $2.2MM), +8.4% vs. 2Q18, with 1H19 revenue of €3.8MM (USD $8.0MM), +5.2% vs. 1H18.

  • Spine revenue grew 8.5% in the half driven by strong sales in the U.S. and European countries outside of France. Sales in France declined -7% due to surgeries postponed until July.
  • Implanet entered a strategic partnership with SeaSpine to market the Jazz line of spine products in the U.S. The contract spans a six-year period with guaranteed annual minimums.
  • In addition to the first orders from the SeaSpine partnership, Implanet also recorded the first orders from their partnership with Kico Knee for the Madison knee prosthesis.
  • The first U.S. surgeries for the Jazz Cap, a proprietary for securing screws in poor quality bone, were completed within the half.


ORTHOWORLD estimates segment sales and growth on an as-reported basis as follows ($MM).

  2Q19 2Q18 $ Chg % Chg
Knees $0.7 $0.6 $0.1 8.6%
Spine $1.4 $1.3 $0.1 8.4%
Sports Medicine $0.1 $0.1 $0.0 8.6%
Total $2.2 $2.0 $0.2 8.4%
  1H19 1H18 % Chg % Chg
Knees $1.5 $1.5 $0.0 0.0%
Spine $2.7 $2.5 $0.2 8.5%
Sports Medicine $0.1 $0.1 $0.0 0.0%
Total $4.3 $4.1 $0.2 5.2%


Sources: Implanet; ORTHOWORLD estimates.

Mike Evers is ORTHOWORLD’s Market Analyst. He can be reached by email.

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