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Product / Company Performance

Implanet Reports 2Q16 Revenue -

Implanet posted 2Q16 revenue of €2.1MM (~US $2.3MM), +22.6% vs. 2Q15, as-reported.

ORTHOWORLD estimates 2Q16 segment sales and growth on an as-reported basis, as follows.

  • Knee Reconstruction ~$0.8MM, -8.8%
  • Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair ~$0.3MM, -5.8%
  • Spine ~$1.3MM, +66.7%

JAZZ spinal product sales in the U.S. doubled for the second consecutive quarter, while France grew +35% vs. 2Q15 and Rest of World grew +45%.

In 2Q16, the company sold 1,937 JAZZ units, +42% vs. 2Q15. Regional unit sales of JAZZ products reached 1,093 in France, 508 in the U.S. and 336 for ROW. For 1H16, 3,134 JAZZ units were sold (1,805 in France, 773 in the U.S. and 556 ROW).

The company reports Knee Recon and ARST revenue together, and noted that France, accounting for 70% of those combined sales, grew +51% vs. 2Q15. This partially offset the effects of macroeconomic challenges in Brazil.

For 1H16, revenue of ~$4.6MM grew +24% vs. 1H15, led by a spine (+38%) with Knee Recon + ARST +12%. U.S. Spine sales of ~$1.2MM in 1H16 grew +101% vs. 1H15, with France +19% to ~$0.7MM. Adolescent scoliosis product sales for the period reached ~$1.3MM, +57% vs. 1H15.

At 1H16, the company has 111 regular surgeon users of JAZZ technology (64 in the U.S. and 47 in France). 

In mid-2Q16, the company announced both FDA 510(k) clearance and CE Mark approval for the Jazz Claw, a hybrid-implant designed to treat degenerative spinal pathologies, including kyphosis, in adults.

Sources: Implanet, ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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