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Hensler Surgical Brings Suit Against Tobra Medical -

Hensler Surgical filed a lawsuit against Tobra Medical, alleging infringement of U.S. Patent No. 10,493,183 (the '183 patent) with the Tobra Medical Bone Basket that is used to collect and filter autologous bone during surgical procedures. The complaint alleges that leadership at Tobra contacted Hensler in early 2017, expressing interest in being a sales representative. Shortly thereafter, Tobra introduced its Bone Basket as a less expensive alternative for the Hensler Bone Press®.  The complaint cites examples of the technical inferiority of Tobra's device vs. Hensler's, and includes accusations of false and misleading statements regarding the effectiveness of the Tobra Medical Bone Basket. Hensler seeks a permanent injunction preventing Tobra and others from infringing the '183 Patent using the Tobra Medical Bone Basket.