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HD LifeSciences Launches New Implant Footprints -

HD Lifesciences launched three new interbody implant footprints, including Hyperlordotic TLIF, Hyperlordotic ALIF and Curved TLIF devices. This expands the Soft Titanium® portfolio to 14 lines. Soft Titanium structural lattice technology has been implanted over 1,650 times since launch in 2017; of those, over 500 have been Hive™ TLIFs with the insert-and-rotate technique. Over the next two years, the company intends to publish multiple clinical and experimental studies demonstrating the biological and biomechanical advantages of Soft Titanium. The Hive lattice is designed to provide ideal elastic modulus, diagnostic imaging and osteogenic properties. (HD LifeSciences, 7/30/19)