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Graftys Granted U.S. Patent for Highly-osteogenic Biomaterial -

Graftys has been granted U.S. Patent No. 13/923,577 covering GRFT-R02, a highly-osteogenic biomaterial for bone tissue regeneration (e.g., acetabular reconstruction, posterolateral spinal fusion, non-union and complex fracture healing with poor vascularization).

The covered material is the result of collaboration between Graftys and the University of Nice, France, as well as the French National Center for Scientific Research.

In pre-clinical studies, GRFT-R02 has demonstrated enhanced bone regeneration and the ability to repair critical segmental bone defects in animal models, as well as similar efficacy to autograft, the current gold standard. It may offer a better safety profile than bone morphogenetic protein-derived products.

This represents the 8th patent granted to Graftys or its licensors; protection should last until 2028.

Graftys has received FDA clearance for three 510(k) applications with its calcium phosphate materials, which are also CE Marked. In late 2015, the company established an international registry of patients who received implants of GRAFTYS® HBS and GRAFTYS® QuickSet phosphocalcic cements, to validate short and long term clinical results following product launch.

Sources: Graftys SA; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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