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Globus Medical Launches AUTOBAHN IM Nails -

Globus Medical introduced the AUTOBAHN® system of intramedullary nails to treat fractures in the tibia and femur. The portfolio includes The AUTOBAHN Trochanteric Nail, featuring three neck-shaft angles and instruments with dedicated radiolucent aiming guides. Fracture reduction forceps contribute to system efficiency and provide improved visualization of the femoral head. The AUTOBAHN Antegrade/Retrograde Femoral Nail enables greater trochanter or piriformis fossa surgical entry points. With the incorporation of reconstruction holes and transverse options, this nail is designed to accommodate more fracture patterns than any other nail on the market. The AUTOBAHN Tibial Nail includes instruments for the classic infrapatellar approach and the novel suprapatellar approach that is growing in clinical use. It features headless locking screws designed to decrease soft tissue irritation, and SureStart™ threaded fixation to facilitate extreme nailing for stable fracture fixation. (Globus Medical, Inc., 9/24/19)