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Strategic Initiatives

Generex Completes Acquisition of Pantheon Medical - Foot & Ankle -

Generex Biotechnology completed its acquisition of Pantheon Medical – Foot & Ankle, as was announced in 1Q19. Per terms, Generex gains all assets of Pantheon Medical including business operations, accounts receivable and inventory, contracts, real estate and an FDA letter related to balanced plating system, on a debt free basis, in a non-cash transaction with Generex stock, plus additional cash and stock consideration upon achieving certain sales and profit milestones. Established in 2014, Pantheon has developed an integrated kit comprising plates, screws and tools for foot and ankle procedures. Over the next three years, the company will be develop new cannulated surgical screws and surgical staples and a proprietary Hammertoe System. (Generex Biotechnology, 7/12/19)