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First Surgical Cases with Xspan Laminoplasty Fixation System -

Xtant Medical commenced limited launch and announced first surgical cases for the Xspan™ Laminoplasty Fixation System. General launch is slated for 2017.

Unlike laminectomy, which removes the lamina and is often performed with spinal fusion, laminoplasty involves an opening on one side of the lamina to alleviate spinal cord compression. The lamina is then restructured by a small plate that supports spinal canal expansion without losing stability or movement in the vertebrae. The procedure can be completed at one or more levels.

Xspan received FDA 510(k) clearance to market in 1Q16. In 2Q16, RTI Surgical launched Release for central spinal cord decompression from C3 to T3.

Sources: Xtant Medical, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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