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First Cases with hipEOS 3.0 and Intellijoint HIP Smart Navigation -

First patient cases have occurred using EOS Imaging's hipEOS 3.0 surgical planning software delivered by Intellijoint HIP®, Intellijoint Surgical’s smart navigation system. Intellijoint HIP enables surgeon-controlled surgical guidance for positional measurements. hipEOS 3.0 uses weight-bearing standing and sitting images and 2D/3D patient specific models and datasets to help select and position implants for the best fit and range of motion. Delivery ofthe hipEOS 3.0 plan is facilitated through EOS imaging’s EOSlink™, introduced earlier this year for seamless integration of EOSapps, a suite of web-based 3D surgical planning software for spine, total hip and total knee surgery. (EOS Imaging, 10/21/19)