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Product / Company Performance

DJO Posts 2Q16 Revenue -

DJO Global posted 2Q16 revenue of US $292.9MM, +4.6% vs. 2Q15. Growth is as-reported.

ORTHOWORLD estimates 2Q16 segment sales and growth on an as-reported basis as follows:

Joint Reconstruction $50.8MM, +42.7%

  • Hips $11.4MM, +28.4%
  • Knees $13.2MM, +48.2%
  • Extremities $26.2MM, +27.0%

Other $242.0MM, -0.9% (Includes Bracing/Vascular, Recovery Sciences and also International revenue not already attributed to Joint Recon)


Leadership noted that the Surgical Implant business, which houses orthopaedic implants, was chiefly driven by major product launches such as the AltiVate shoulder and EMPWR 3D knee, both of which continue to be well-accepted by customers.

Further, acquisition of Biomet's Cobalt bone cement and the Discovery Elbow are helping to fuel rapid market development.

Within its Surgical Implant segment, leadership cited subsegment 2Q16 revenue growth of hips +24%, knees +41% and shoulders +32% vs. 2Q15, emphasizing that shoulder and knee are still in early stages of launch. Please note that ORTHOWORLD estimates for hips, knees and extremities include a portion of DJO's International segment sales attributed to those sub-segments. 

Sources: DJO Global, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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