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Product / Company Performance

ConMed's 2Q18 Orthopaedic Revenue -

ConMed posted 2Q18 arthroscopy/soft tissue repair revenue of US $110.1MM, +4.3% vs. 2Q17, and 1H18 revenue of $219.0MM, +4.6% vs. 1H17.

  2Q18  2Q17 
 Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair $110.1  $105.6 


  1H18  1H17 
 Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair $219.0  $209.4 

Revenue by geographic region:

  2Q18  1H18 
 U.S. $41.0  $84.2 
 Ex-U.S. $69.0  $134.7 

For 2Q18, domestic ortho sales grew 2.1% year over year, and international increased 3.2%. This represents the third and the ninth consecutive quarters of growth for these geographic regions. International sales are expected to lift in 2H18 as new product launches begin.

While products shown at AAOS are still contributing to growth, leadership reminded us to expect more new products later in the year. You’ll recall that CNMD’s portfolio was incomplete and dated for many years, and is now refreshed with the Hall MicroFree cordless power handpiece, ExoShape soft tissue fasteners, new longer probes for hip arthroscopy with the Edge Bipolar Arthroscopic RF System, etc. New products and revamped marketing/R&D teams continue to support the turnaround.

Source: ConMed Corporation

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