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Product / Company Performance

ConMed Reports 2Q16 Orthopaedic Revenue -

ConMed posted 2Q16 arthroscopy/soft tissue revenue of US $92.7MM, -4.2% vs. 2Q15. (U.S. -5.1%, ex-U.S. -3.6%) All growth is as-reported.

U.S. and ex-U.S. growth was affected by a decline in capital sales, which leadership attributed to challenges in execution, competitive sales and deal-closings that were pushed to 3Q.

In an update to products mentioned in the 1Q16 call, leadership noted that:

  • The TenoLoc Dual Expanding Tenodesis anchor is now in full U.S. launch
  • The AssistArm limb positioner is launched U.S. and ex-U.S.
  • The Edge Bi-Polar Arthroscopic RF System has been implemented at multiple sites in Canada, Spain and the U.S.

Sources: ConMed Corporation, ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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