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Product / Company Performance

ConforMIS Reports 3Q17 Revenue -

ConforMIS (CFMS) posted 3Q17 revenue of US $18.4MM, -1.2% vs. 3Q16, and YTD revenue of $57.4MM, -1.5% vs. the prior year.

  3Q17  3Q16  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Reconstruction Knees $18.4  $18.6  -$0.2  -1.2% 


  9Mo17  9Mo16  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Reconstruction Knees $57.4  $58.2  -$0.9  -1.5% 

3Q17 product sales breakdown:

  • iTotal CR, iUni and iDuo $13.0MM, -9.7%
  • iTotal PS $5.2MM, +29.0%

Within 3Q, CFMS acquired from Broad Peak Manufacturing substantially all assets associated with femoral component polishing, so now the bulk of polishing operations are in-house. Earlier in 2017, CFMS began to make iTotal CR poly inserts in-house, and are now producing 100% of those internally. The integration of iTotal PS polys, planned for the beginning of next year, remains on track.

CFMS is investing in a pilot direct-to-consumer program to drive product interest. Leadership noted that other programs, like Patient Ambassadors and Track My Implant, have been effective in growing patient awareness, education and communication.

Enrollment is now complete in the retrospective iTotal PS study, which follows outcomes of 100 patients at two years. The data will be submitted for publication.

The impact of hurricanes will equate to ~$0.5MM for the year, split evenly between 3Q and 4Q. The company is holding to the mid- to high-end of its full-year guidance, in the range of $75MM to $78MM.

Two last updates: CFMS is making headway in sales rep hiring, but “not where we want to be on actual feet on the street,” and limited launch of the iTotal Hip is on track for 3Q18.

Source: ConforMIS, Inc.

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