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Product / Company Performance

ConforMIS Posts 2Q18 Revenue -

ConforMIS (CFMS) announced 2Q18 revenue of US $19.1MM, +3.3% vs. 2Q17, and 1H18 revenue of $38.8MM, -0.5% vs. 1H17.

  2Q18  2Q17  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Reconstruction Knees $19.1  $18.5  $0.6  3.3% 


  1H18  1H17  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Reconstruction Knees $38.8  $38.9  -$0.2  -0.5% 

Revenue by geographic region:

  2Q18  1H18 
 U.S. $16.4  $32.4 
 Ex-U.S. $2.6  $6.0 


Knee product sales breakdown:

  • iTotal CR, iUni and iDuo $12.9MM, -2%
  • iTotal PS $6MM, +23%


Ex-U.S., CFMS continues to face reimbursement battles in Germany and issues with a transition to a distributor model in the U.K., but a new international sales and marketing manager is expected to bring improvements and expansion to other countries, like Australia, which should become visible in 2019.

On the upside, the company performed its first two total hip procedures, including 3D printed patient conforming cutting guides and carrying the same “procedure in a box” concept as the company’s knees, with limited instrumentation trays, etc., to appeal to outpatient facilities. Timing for a complete commercial launch will be announced in 2019.

Leadership also announced a reshuffle in product development, chiefly putting the iUni G3 knee on hold until 1H21 to fast track an iTotal cementless design. A femoral cementless or press fit option is slated for limited launch in early 2020.

The remainder of the launch program looks like this:


  • iTotal G3 cementless for the femur, limited launch
  • ConforMIS hip full release


  • iTotal G3 cementless or press fit limited release


  • iTotal G3 full launch
  • Second ConforMIS hip stem, limited launch


  • iTotal G3 cementless for femur, full launch
  • Tibia option for iTotal G3, limited release
  • iUni G3 cames back, limited release


  • Full market launch of second ConforMIS hip stem


Source: ConforMIS, Inc.

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