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Strategic Initiatives

CollPlant Renews Arthrex Distribution Agreement for VergenixSTR -

CollPlant renewed its exclusive distribution agreement with Arthrex& for Vergenix™STR for the treatment of tendinopathy. The original agreement, which began in December 2016, is extended through the end of 2020, again with Arthrex as the exclusive distributor of CE Marked Vergenix™STR in Europe, India, the Middle East and certain regions of Africa. Leveraging postmarket surveillance clinical data, CollPlant plans to expand the distribution of VergenixSTR to other territories, including Asia. VergenixSTR is an injectable gel comprising rhCollagen cross-linked bioengineered recombinant human type I collagen and autologous platelet-rich plasma. It serves as a scaffold to support cell adhesion and proliferation in tendon healing, while maintaining PRP with growth factors at the injury site. (CollPlant, 3/18/19)