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Centinel Spine Successfully Surpasses 1,000 Implantations with FLX Interbody Devices -

Centinel Spine surpassed the milestone of 1,000 implantations of FLX™ 3D-printed porous titanium interbody devices since initial launch in 3Q18. Compared to solid titanium implants, FLX devices feature a solid exoskeleton for added strength,  with a radiolucent lattice scaffold designed to reduce stiffness and enhance intra-operative visualization and post-operative fusion assessment. A proprietary FUSE-THRU™ trabecular scaffold is designed to allow the potential for bony on- and in-growth throughout the implant. Within recent months, Centinel Spine has launched four different FLX Integrated Interbody™ and non-integrated interbody devices for cervical and lumbar fusion. (Centinel Spine, 7/24/19)