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Centinel Spine Marks 18 Years of prodisc L Use in the U.S. -

Centinel Spine announced the milestone of the 18th year of clinical usage of the prodisc® L Lumbar Total Disc Replacement (TDR) in the U.S. The device was first implanted in the U.S. during concurrent Investigational Device Exemption studies to gain FDA approval for one- and two-level use. Use of prodisc L has grown nearly 40% over the last year due to expanded insurance carrier approvals. Several insurance carriers, most recently UnitedHealthcare and TRICARE, have changed coverage decisions to enable reimbursement for the device. Centinel Spine recently celebrated 30 years of the use of prodisc technology ex-U.S.. The entire prodisc line comprises six devices, including an anterior and anterior-lateral approach lumbar disc replacement, and four cervical discs with a variety of endplate configurations. Newer developments to the family of products include a clinical trial comparing the prodisc C Vivo and prodisc C SK™ devices with an approved cervical TDR product as control. (Centinel Spine, 10/3/19)