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Camber Spine's SPIRA-O Used in First Procedure -

Camber Spine announced the first implantation of the SPIRA®-O Open Matrix OLIF interbody fusion implant. SPIRA-O is designed for a straight in-line insertion for an oblique, anterior to psoas approach with the patient in a lateral position. Its configurations, lordotic angles and associated instruments support access to all levels of the lumbar spine without an orthogonal maneuver.  As with other devices in the SPIRA line, it features 3D-printed spiral support arches with large openings to accept a significant amount of graft and distribute load-sharing. Proprietary Surface by Design™ roughened titanium technology is intended to increase fusion rates and stabilization. The device will undergo surgeon evaluation for 90 days, to be followed by full U.S. launch at the end of 3Q19. (Camber Spine Technologies, 7/31/19)