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Camber Spine Enters Cellular Bone Graft Market -

Through a private label agreement, Camber Spine is offering SCYLLA™, an allogeneic bone matrix product containing viable spine-derived cells. The product is complementary to Camber's SPIRA® and ENZA® spinal fusion technology platforms. To assist bone formation, SCYLLA contains an osteoconductive three-dimensional scaffold with cortical and cancellous components, a demineralized bone scaffold with osteoinductive potential, and bone-derived cells to support osteogenic healing processes. Formats are cortical and cancellous bone microparticulate scaffold blend for tight defect packing, moldable paste and fibrous moldable paste. Total O.R. prep time is less than 20 minutes, and the product has a four-hour working window after thaw without loss of cell viability. Shelf-life is two years from date of processing when stored at -65°C or colder. (Camber Spine LLP, 8/7/19)