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Strategic Initiatives

Brainlab Acquires Medineering, Robotics Platform -

Brainlab has acquired Medineering, a developer of application-specific robotic technologies. This move strengthens Brainlab’s capabilities in support of spinal surgery. For nearly three years, it has marketed the Medineering surgical arm under the brand name Cirq®. Cirq can be aligned in seven degrees of freedom for positioning flexibility; once locked into place, a surgeon can perform the procedure with both hands. Navigation integration works with established workflows, set-up and instrumentation. The combination of base arm and attachable “hand” modules makes Cirq scalable in the future. The arm will join Brainlab’s open hardware architecture that allows device companies to design their own solutions and applications across numerous subspecialties. Unlike larger robotic systems priced at over $1 million, the lightweight lower-cost Medineering arm mounts to the siderails of the operating table, making the vendor-neutral platform accessible to many of Brainlab’s 4,000+ existing customers and expanding market reach into ambulatory surgery centers. The mechatronic arm accommodates a range of hands that hold instruments, align drill guides and endoscopes, etc. Cirq applications are in clinical use in Europe, and FDA clearance is pending. (Brainlab, 3/20/19)