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Product / Company Performance

Bone Therapeutics Restates Priorities -

Bone Therapeutics will not pursue the U.S. clinical development of PREOB® autologous cell therapy. In the U.S., priority will be given to the development of ALLOB®, with clinical programs to be developed during 2017. PREOB remains under clinical study in Europe.

Bone Therapeutics will retain its focus on the ALLOB allogeneic platform in Europe, which the company believes may offer the strongest potential for partnerships based on clinical advantages and larger addressable markets.

Additionally, the company will pursue completion of a Phase III clinical trial in osteonecrosis to bring its first product to market. 

In 4Q16, Bone Therapeutics expects to finalize recruitment for interim analysis of the ALLOB Phase I/IIA delayed-union study. Outcomes are expected in mid-2017, and will determine whether the trial can be ended at this point and proceed towards the next development phase.

Sources: Bone Therapeutics AB; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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