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Bioventus: DUROLANE Update in Australia, New Zealand -

Bioventus is launching its single-injection DUROLANE SJ (1mL) hyaluronic acid-based OA treatment and received expanded indications for DUROLANE (3mL) in Australia and New Zealand. The products will be available through distribution partner LMT Surgical within 2019. DUROLANE SJ is indicated to treat mild to moderate OA pain in the ankle, elbow, wrist, fingers and toes. DUROLANE, already indicated to treat knee OA pain in both countries, received approval for expanded indications to treat mild to moderate OA pain in the hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers and toes. Both products are also indicated for pain following joint arthroscopy in the presence of OA within three months of the procedure. (Bioventus, 8/13/19)