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BioPoly Granted New U.S. Patent -

BioPoly was granted an additional U.S. patent for its partial resurfacing implants. U.S. Patent No. 10,405,982 is titled, "Partial joint resurfacing implant, instrumentation, and method." While other BioPoly patents address material, this patent family focuses on implant designs. With BioPoly’s approval from FDA to conduct a U.S. IDE clinical study for the RS Partial Resurfacing Knee implant, this patent broadens the company's intellectual property portfolio to assure that all aspects – implants, material and surgical technique – are protected throughout the world. BioPoly material behaves like a synthetic cartilage due to a combination of a lubricating molecule found in the knee and other joints along with an orthopedic polymer. It replaces only damaged cartilage, rather than a whole joint, allowing a faster return to active lifestyles. Patients in Europe have been receiving the implants since 2012. (BioPoly, 10/15/19)