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Augmedics Launches xvision AR Surgical Guidance -

Augmedics commenced U.S. launch of the xvision™ augmented reality guidance system for spine surgery, following FDA 510(k) marketing clearance. The system is available for immediate sale, with headset distribution expected to begin early this year. xvision Spine allows surgeons to visualize 3D spinal anatomy during surgery as if they had “x-ray vision,” and to navigate instruments and implants while looking directly at the patient, rather than a remote screen. xvision comprises a transparent near-eye-display headset and all elements of traditional navigation. It determines the position of surgical tools in real time, then superimposes a virtual trajectory on the patient's CT data. 3D navigation data is then projected onto the surgeon’s retina using the headset, allowing a simultaneous view of the data and the patient. The system’s small footprint, economical cost and compatibility with current instrumentation is designed to allow easy integration into any surgical facility. Augmedics will explore additional applications for xvision beyond spinal surgery.