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Augmedics Cadaver Study Results with xvision-spine Navigation -

In cadaver study, Augmedics' xvision-spine augmented-reality surgical navigation system (XVS) was used to place 120 pedicle screws in five cadavers, with placement accuracy of 96.7% per the Heary-Gertzbein grading scheme. XVS is designed to give surgeons “x-ray vision” during complex procedures, allowing them to see and navigate inside anatomy through skin and tissue. XVS comprises a transparent near-eye-display headset and all elements of traditional navigation. Surgical tool position is superimposed atop the patient's CT data, and navigation data is projected onto the surgeons' retina using the headset. The surgeon can see both the patient and the data without averting his or her eyes. (Augmedics, 4/11/18)