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Anika Therapeutics Distributes HA-based Therapies Again -

Anika Therapeutics resumed global distribution of HYALOFAST and HYALOGRAFT-C therapies for cartilage repair, following a 2Q18 voluntary product recall. Following recent regulatory approvals in Colombia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, HYALOFAST is now commercialized in ~15 countries–though not yet in the U.S., where it is pending regulatory submission. The FastTRACK Phase III trial is currently enrolling patients across the U.S. and Europe. The pivotal trial is comparing Hyalofast biodegradable 3D hyaluronic acid-based scaffold plus autologous bone marrow aspirate concentrate vs. microfracture in the treatment of articular knee cartilage defect lesions. (Anika Therapeutics, Inc., 12/4/18)