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Amendia Launches Syzygy™ Stabilization System -

Amendia announced the commercial launch of the Syzygy™ Stabilization System, its Spondylolisthesis reduction system. The system is configured to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments as an adjunct to fusion. 

Syzygy is intended for use in the treatment of specific acute and chronic instabilities or deformities of the thoracic, lumbar or sacral spine, in addition to fracture, dislocation, scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal tumor or failed fusion.

The Syzygy system is made of titanium alloy and includes cannulated and non-cannulated screws, with self-tapping threads for maximum cortical bone purchase. Extended threads facilitate greater adjustability and control in 5 mm increments for the reduction of spondylolisthesis.

Source: Amendia Inc.

Amendia has made several strategic moves recently, including last month's expansion of its manufacturing facility in Marietta, Georgia.

Here's some other strategic activity from the company this year: 

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