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Aesculap Implant Systems PlasmaporeXP Surface Enhancement Study -

Studies of Aesculap Implant Systems' Plasmapore®XP Surface Enhancement indicate that early bone-forming activity was upregulated in osteoblast-like cells that attached to the PlasmaporeXP. In an in vivo sheep model, this yielded an increase in early bone formation, apposition and pullout strength at 12 and 24 weeks. This is the first published study that provides a direct histological comparison between the PlasmaporeXP surface and uncoated PEEK, and the first peer-reviewed publication to document the presence of nanofeatures created by this proprietary titanium plasma spray manufacturing process.Study authors believe that the nanofeatures, along with the microporosity and biocompatibility of titanium, may contribute to the significant increase in bone cell differentiation on the PlasmaporeXP surface. (Aesculap Implant Systems LLC, 1/28/19)