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ADAM Project to Launch Clinical Trials of 3D-Printed Synthetic Bone -

ADAM, a 3D bone printing project, plans to complete pre-clinical trials within the month and commence first human trials by the end of 2019. The project seeks to reduce the cost for synthetic bone production by half. The company is pursuing commercial launch of its core technology in 2020. ADAM employs additive manufacturing to cut the production cost of synthetic bones from $0.12-$0.15/cm2 down to $0.08. The company performs 3D scanning of bones using its digital platform, then uses Kwambio printers to create bones from the cloud using ceramic bioglass and modified biopolymer in cooperation with certified clinics. This process obviates the need to take a graft from another bone or bone donor. Once 3D printed, the bone can be implanted into a patient and will ideally dissolve as new bone grows. (ADAM, 10/8/19)