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aap Implantate Reports Positive LOQTEQ Study Results -

In biomechanical study, aap Implantate's LOQTEQ® anatomical fracture plating system displayed better explantation properties than those of the market leader. Over-tightening during implantation and the effects of cyclic loading can cause a screw to seize during removal of locking plate implants, after a fracture has healed. This study assessed removal torques before and after cyclic dynamic loading that simulated the patient's daily activity. During explantation with the competitor's mechanism, over-tightening resulted in an increase of ~40% in the removal torque compared to tightening the screw with the manufacturer's recommended torque. Tests of LOQTEQ's mechanism showed that over-tightening had no effect on seizing of the locking screws. Further, with cyclic loading, the removal torque of the locking screws consistently increased by ~40% to 70% for the market leader's screws, while LOQTEQ registered an increase of 20%. (aap Implantate AB, 11/22/18)