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aap Implantate Launches Periprosthetic LOQTEQ System -

aap Implantate commenced launch of its periprosthetic LOQTEQ® system with the CE Marked distal lateral femur plate 4.5 PP (periprosthetic). The system, based on a new patent pending fixation technology, enables the treatment of fractures in the immediate vicinity of joint implants already existing in the body.

The new technology features hinges that can be fixed to the plate distally and proximally in such a manner that fixation can be adapted for a range of bone diameters, and the plates can be securely fixed past a prosthesis or a nail, especially in osteoporotic bone. 

aap plans to extend the periprosthetic fixation technology to other relevant plates in the LOQTEQ portfolio for different anatomical regions.

Sources: aap Implantate AG; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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