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Product / Company Performance

1,000th Case Using Vertical Spine's FIBRINET Technology in Spinal Fusion -

Vertical Spine achieved a milestone with the 1,000th case performed using its FIBRINET® System. 

FIBRINET is a self-contained, disposable kit that is used to concentrate a patient’s own platelets and associated growth factors into a Platelet-Rich Fibrin Membrane graft. In addition, fluid Platelet-Rich Fibrin Gel is produced and mixed with bone grafting material. 

Per company leadership, two initial spine fusion studies employing FIBRINET have demonstrated 100% radiographic fusion with no complications. A third study has been submitted for publication, and two additional studies will be submitted during 2016.

Vertical Spine was among companies identified in the ORTHOKNOW® 2012 overview, NASS Preview: New and Notable in Spine. In early 2015, the company announced a partnership with Polymer Therapeutics to co-develop anti-infective coatings for orthopaedic applications using unique polymer chemotypes distinguished by broad anti-infective properties.

Sources: Vertical Spine, LLC; ORTHOWORLD Inc.


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