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10,000 Procedure Milestone for OMNIBotics -

OMNIlife science announced completion of >10,000 total knee replacements worldwide using OMNIBotics™ robotic-assisted total knee replacement technology.

The OMNIBotics system, based on proprietary ART™ software (APEX Robotic Technology), is modular and portable with a compact physical footprint. ART software is customizable to any surgical approach and allows for intra-operative adjustments, and its 3D modeling technique eliminates the need for pre-op CT scans or x-rays. The system does not require a significant capital outlay, as it is offered through a pay-per-procedure model.

Sources: OMNIlife science, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

"As we develop customers based on our total knee offering, they’re anxious for us to move the robotic into total hip replacement, as well as the unicompartmental or partial knee." —Rick Randall, OMNI CEO, speaking to ORTHOKNOW® in March 2015.

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