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Orthopaedic Device Company Profiles: The Top 5
Published March 2017

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Here's what you can expect from each profile: The basics: size, company/product descriptions and key leadership. We then present sales (YOY, market segment, U.S. vs. Ex-U.S., 2017 projections) and summarize each company's notable strategic activity for 2014 through 2016: mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, product launches, clearances, etc. We also provide market ranking overall and by segment. Each profile closes with our observations.

We're pleased to report that the top five outperformed our projections (as published in the last installment of this report) by 3%. Combined, they grew by $671.7 million, up 2.4% from 2015. While still in the low single digits, the performance is positive and we anticipate that it will continue to be so. Download this report today to find out why. 


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