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The Orthopaedic Industry Annual Report®
Published April 2016 | 160 pages | 122 exhibits | $1,195 (complimentary for Members)    

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Produced by ORTHOWORLD for nearly two decades, THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT is a comprehensive, high-altitude report covering Joint Reconstruction, Trauma, Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue, Spine and Orthobiologics. It serves as a concise, powerful overview for newcomers and veterans alike. The 160-page compilation was sourced from the public domain, personal interviews with industry executives, privately-executed surveys and countless hours of internal review and vetting of public, private and estimated financials.

Our estimates are calculated with as-reported revenue numbers. The dollar strengthened in 2015 as other currencies experienced volatility during the year, directly impacting market growth. So, where able, we’ve given constant currency estimates alongside our as-reported estimates. Also of note, we seek to refine our revenue reporting each year. We have acquired and continue to acquire greater knowledge of private company revenue (through surveys and confidential conversations), resulting in changes to previous years’ estimates. Therefore, when it comes to the numbers, we consider previous installments to be outdated. All exhibits address worldwide estimated revenue unless otherwise noted. Finally, a summary of the strategic activity that took place in the prior year is included: who launched what, who acquired whom, what challenges arose along the way and what factors will continue to impact the current year and beyond.

A more accurate summary of orthopaedic industry performance is not available anywhere.

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• Understand competitive trends - identify competitive advantages

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