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The Orthopaedic Industry Annual Report®

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Published May 2017 | 173 pages | 135 exhibits
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A more accurate summary of orthopaedic industry performance is not available anywhere.


Produced by ORTHOWORLD for nearly two decades, THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT is a comprehensive, high-altitude report covering Joint Reconstruction, Spine, Trauma, Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue and Orthobiologics. It serves as a concise, powerful overview for newcomers and veterans alike. The 173-page compilation was sourced from information in the public domain, personal interviews with industry executives, privately-executed surveys and countless hours of internal review and vetting of public, private and estimated financials.

We can say with complete honesty that the process of segmenting company revenue, scrutinizing past and forecasted figures and seeking to gain an understanding of company strategies is a constantly evolving process. We recognized in the second half of 2016 that companies were over-performing our formerly-stated predictions. We’re happy to say that orthopaedic product sales in 2016 outpaced our projections from the last installment by nearly 2%! 



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