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The Extremities Market: Technologies, Trends and Players
Published September 2015

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Ask twelve people to define the extremities market, and you will likely get that many variations on a theme. What is contained in this segment?

For this report, we chose a holistic view. Products used to treat clavicle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle and foot are included in our definition, across the spectrum of musculoskeletal care—that is, joint reconstruction, trauma, arthroscopy/soft tissue repair and orthobiologics. With the exception of financials, which span 2009 to 2020, our timeframe traces 2014 through 1H15.

The extremities market is one of the most attractive and fastest-growing subsegments in the orthopaedic industry today. The convergence of increased surgeon interest, favorable procedure rates and implant and instrument innovation drives investments by current and emerging players who seek new and diversified revenue streams outside of the lower-growth hip, knee and spine segments.

Use this 80-page report to prepare competitive analysis, identify acquisition targets or new customers, prepare sales projections and enhance your business plans and corporate IQ.


Table of Contents | List of Exhibits


 Executive Summary  Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair
 Exhibits:  Overview
  • Worldwide Extremities Product Sales: 2009 to 2014  The Market and the Players
  • Extremities Product Sales by Market Segment   • Exhibit: Company Market Shares: Top Six and All Others
  • Company Market Shares: Top Ten and All Others  Upper Extremity Products
  • Next Tier Players in Extremities    • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches
  • Sales Projections: 2015 to 2020  Lower Extremity Products
  • Sales Trajectory: 2009 to 2020 Projected    • Exhibit: Regulatory Activity
 On the Horizon  Products Addressing Upper and Lower Extremities
 First Clearances and New Market Entrants    • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches
 Joint Reconstruction  On the Horizon
 Overview  Orthobiologics
 The Market and the Players  Overview
  • Exhibit: Company Shares: Top Eight and All Others  The Market and the Players
 Upper Extremity Products   • Exhibit: Company Shares: Top Twelve and All Others
   • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches  Lower Extremity Products
 Lower Extremity Products    • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches
   • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches  Products Addressing Upper and Lower Extremities
 On the Horizon    • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches
 Trauma  On the Horizon
 Overview  Strategic Activities
 The Market and the Players   • Exhibits: Mergers & Acquisitions | Collaborations 
 • Exhibit: Company Shares: Top Eight and All Others      Strategic Initiatives | Funding | Studies and Trials
 Upper Extremity Products  
   • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches  Appendices:
 Lower Extremity Products  Extremities Joint Reconstruction Companies
   • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches  Extremities Trauma Companies
 Products Addressing Upper and Lower Extremities  Extremities Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair Companies
   • Exhibits: Regulatory Activity | Product Launches  Extremities Orthobiologics Companies
 On the Horizon  


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