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Orthopaedic Product News Reader Survey Illuminates Critical Surgeon Concerns


CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio, March 30 /PRNewswire/ — Knowledge Enterprises, Inc. announced today the results of a readership survey that details the key non-clinical concerns of today’s orthopaedic surgeons. The preliminary results of the survey appear in the March/April edition of Orthopaedic Product News.


According to the survey, surgeons are increasingly frustrated by decreasing reimbursements, barriers to building a viable practice and threats of ever burdensome insurance protocols and bureaucracy. They are equally frustrated by the lack of useful information and resources to address these challenges, and seek informed assistance on issues like malpractice protection, legitimate alternative revenue streams and practice management efficiencies.


“The discussion of practical business issues by surgeons used to be frowned upon, and generally ignored,” said John Engelhardt, Editor-in Chief. “Matters have evolved to a point at which many surgeons feel that the problems they face may threaten their very survival in the future. We have obviously struck a nerve. We will continue to respond to the changing needs of the surgeon by providing them with the information they need to ensure their success in the ‘business’ of orthopaedic care.”


Orthopaedic Product News is the only publication for orthopaedic surgeons that is focused on the non-clinical aspects of orthopaedic surgery and offers education on emerging technologies, business and financial management, intellectual property and legal issues, entrepreneurship and wealth accrual and preservation. Features are authored by experts in each specialty. It is published every two months, and goes to 20,000 practicing orthopaedic surgeons in the U.S. Past issues are available online at www.orthoworld.com. For more information, please contact:


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